Introduction to Groups

You can use groups on the Golden Corral Community to meet people with your interests or in your region. For example, highschools could have a group for fans of specific sport teams (ie, East Ridge Highschool Football) and groups for Golden Corral employees in specific regions (ie, Denver, San Francisco, Los Angeles).

Groups come equipped with their own discussion forum, RSS reader, text box and comment wall, and several privacy settings. As a group creator, you can choose the features and privacy settings you'd like to have for your group.

Create your own group:

If you don't see a group you'd like to join, create your own! Groups are a great way to meet other members on the social network with the same interests as you. You can invite anyone to join your group, even people who haven't yet joined the Golden Corral Community!

To create a group, go to the Groups tab and click the link at the top right of the page to "Add a group." Next, fill in information about your group. Give your group a name and be sure to upload a group image that's roughly square in size. Fill out a description for your group, which members will see when looking for groups to join.

If your group has another website, or a location, you can add it here!  

In the right side of the page, choose which features your group will have. You can add a comment wall, discussion forum, text box, and RSS reader to your group. 

Don't forget to choose the privacy settings for your group! You can allow anyone to join the group, or moderate membership.

If you choose to moderate membership, new members will have to apply to join and you'll be able to review their request before they can join. You can allow members to invite other people to join and allow people to request membership if you'd like. If you turn off both of these options, the group will be invite-only - and you'll be the only one who can send invites to join the group.

Finally, choose whether or not members of your group can send broadcast messages to the whole group. 

Click "Add Group" and your group will be added to the Golden Corral Community!

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