Participate in the Golden Corral Community Forum

An easy way to start participating on the Golden Corral Community is to check out the discussion forum. You can interact with other members here. To use the forum, just go to the Forum tab. Check out the existing discussions, or start your own by clicking the "Start Discussion" link.

If you find an interesting discussion you'd like to participate in, just type your reply in the "Reply" box. Once you've added your reply, it will appear at the bottom of the discussion thread, so scroll down to see it.

The forum on the Golden Corral Community is threaded, so you can also reply directly to someone else's reply on a discussion thread. Just click the "Reply to this" link under any post and a reply box will pop open.

To maintain the integrity of discussions and replies, we allow members to edit forum replies for 15 minutes. We think this is enough time to correct a typo, while ensuring that people don't "rewrite history." We do, however, let members delete their own posts or discussions they've started at any time.

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