I am considering doing a birthday party for my daughter at Golden Corral in Port Orange.  I was wondering if GC might do like a special discount if you have a party of 10-15 people?  If not, do you still need to make a reservation for about 10 people or just walk in?  Any info would be great.

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Comment by Golden Corral on November 1, 2012 at 9:44am


We are so glad that you are considering having your daughter's birthday party at Golden Corral. Thank you! 

For more information about our Party Rooms, please contact the Port Orange store directly. Each store can vary a bit in what they offer (specials, hours, prices, participation). You can use the following link to find their contact information: http://community.goldencorral.com/page/find-your-nearest-golden 

Thank you again for thinking of Golden Corral.

Have a wonderful day!

- Golden Corral Community Manager

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