Golden Corral Introduces Breakfast For Lunch & Dinner With Jeff Foxworthy

*****Starting at all Golden Corral's on June 8th*******

America is the land of the free. And that freedom should apply to restaurants. That’s why Golden Corral made the Golden Bill of Rights. Giving you the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of dining happiness, all for one low price, America! Article four in the Golden Bill of Rights states: you have the right to eat out of order. You want breakfast for dinner? Go ahead. This is the US of A-OK! And you're in luck because Golden Corral is now serving breakfast for lunch and dinner! Dig into pancakes fluffier than rocky mountain clouds, tasty made-to-order omelets, hand-cut bacon and more. You might say breakfast for lunch and dinner at Golden Corral is the ultimate expression of food freedom.

See it here first GC fans! Watch now for a sneak peek at our new commercial featuring Jeff Foxworthy. Brinner anyone? 

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