How much can your kids eat at Golden Corral?

   Our family loves to go to Golden Corral! We head to our local restaurant at Arapahoe Crossing in Aurora, CO at least twice a month since it opened a few months ago. Before that we use to have to drive about 35 minutes to get to our closest location. What we love so much about Golden Corral is that my kids eat so well when they go there! My son is only 19 months and can easily eat about 2 plates worth of food. He loves his Mac n' cheese the best (like most kids) but actually eats all the veggies prepaired in various ways. I cook almost every meal at home and just don't have the time to make veggies anyway but plain so my kids don't really care for them. At Golden Corral they make Veggies actually taste good so my kids will chow them down. 


My Daughter is a little bit more tricky when it comes to eating her whole plate but the Cotton candy at the end of the "eat your whole plate" rainbow is a wonderful thing indeed! She usually picks for the first few minutes at her food then finds she can't resist what ever is on her plate! 1 plate is enough for my 3 year old little peanut. I love that I can bring my kids to a place that serves excellent food and rewards our kids at the end of a fine meal with a Wonderfall selection of treats!



Now I wanted to ask the community, how much can your kids eat at Golden Corral? Do you bring your birds in to eat or do you have a growing baby boy who loves his Mac n' Cheese?

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Comment by Golden Corral on February 29, 2012 at 9:15am

Thank you for your kind and generous words, Jamie! You are a natural blogger. We hope to hear more from you on our community site! Please feel free to add pictures of your baby boy. Many thanks!

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