I avoid all buffets like they are the plague 
Otherwise, my thoughts and conscience will nag 
On how I have no self-discipline 
Refilling my plate again and again! 

Then, yesterday, as my tummy rumbled, 
Into the Golden Corral, I stumbled 
A steakhouse, I thought. I will request 
Steamed veggies with a grilled chicken breast 

You can imagine my growing dismay 
When I discoverd before me an enormous buffet! 
But my horror quickly turned to delight 
When I saw healthy choices awaiting my bite. 

There was broccoli, green beans, veggies galore! 
Lean beef, fish fillets and so much more! 
I thoroughly enjoyed my delicious meal 
Less than 400 calories. What a deal! 

By not busting my diet, I raised my morale 
I can eat at the buffet at the Golden Corral!

Annie thanks for your sweet words.


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