I am going to do it!!  Thats right!! 

  I am going to be the one to compare these to competitor Buffets and tell you what i fine in my ring of the battle of flavorful foods.  I am not going to be biased in this.  I love GC but have only eaten breakfast at Ryans and the location i went to is now closed and i knew it was going to close because they had little customers for an hour and a half at breakfast.  GC i eat breakfast at regularly more so the mcdonough location.  because i meet my great friends there on saturdays for brekafast.  We would normally meet at jonesboro  but its better for them to meet at mcdonough.


I have eaten dinner at the GC in both Jonesboro and Mcdounough locations.  i will take the breakfast over the dinner any day.  My friends seem to like the mcdonough location more than Jonesboro for breakfast because they say it has more falovor to the food than the jonesboro location.  I just think the pancakes have better flavor than joneboro's pancakes lately.  And Mcdonugh has Vanilla cake!!!  


I am going to eat Ryans dinner tomorrow night and try it out.  I will then report back and let you know what i find.  i got a BIRTHDAY COUPON FROM RYANS IN MY EMAIL ( BUY ONE GET ONE FREE ) so that leads me to think that theya re hurting a little bit for business.  GC has not offered anything like this as far as i know.   But GC  has kept me coming back even though i was disappointed on the onset.  They made it right and still shines thru.

I call the Ryans location in Griffin Ga and they said that they have BBQ ribs on saturday!!!  WOW!   and i hope they have cheesecake for dessert as it says on the website!!


Now i will then try for the Ryans breakfast on NEXT saturday June the 23rd and take my friends sp hey can also tell me what they think.  Are you ready???  Stay tuned!!


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Comment by Ron Saxton on June 26, 2012 at 3:49pm

Well,  Thanks GC!!   I appreciate the reply!!   I am going to do more post/ /  /  been thinking about some ideas.  Hopefully other can compare GC to other buffet chains in their areas and post also wht they find in that area.   I dont htink comparing to only a local buffet would be fair to a comparison of a chain buffet.  I know that local buffetts have more and more of a personal touch with the food flavoring and the actuall items on the menus.  Also i think it if anyone tries to compare to a Hibachi grill buffet place. . .  its not a true comparison in my book.  Although i do see some simularities to GC like the actual grill cooking. . .  i dont think its the same or should be compared. .   its more Asian/Oriental that American  buffett. .  that doesnt match.    but in the future i will be comparing OLD COUNTRY BUFFETT.  That was my first ever buffett experince.   Cant wait.    I would love it  ig GC tweaks its resturaunts more and more.  More or change in food items . .  enchance better for better flavor.  ADD BOWLS.      


Comment by Golden Corral on June 25, 2012 at 1:07pm


Thanks for creating such an informative and honest blog. We love that you care enough about GC and the quality of food to do this comparison. Everyone has the right to make up their own mind about which they like best and your blog would be helpful - with your unbiased approach!

Thanks again for being such an awesome member of our Community and being so involved! We look forward to reading more of your posts.

: ) Golden Corral Community Manager

Comment by Ron Saxton on June 25, 2012 at 9:48am

GC does okay for a banana pudding. .   not like homeade of course . .   but good for a chain resturaunt.  You go Corminta !!!!

Comment by Ron Saxton on June 25, 2012 at 9:46am

I went to dinner at GC recently after the Ryans visit. .   the price for myself came to 14.00!!   So ryans is about the same give or take a few cents.   I stick with GC because of the selection seems to be a bit greater the Ryans an the location is closer to me.    

Comment by Corminta Sigers on June 24, 2012 at 4:56pm

I knew GC would win out over Ryan's.  The GC here in Houson on 290 has the fresh green beans.  I also like the wings from the grilled section.  You can keep the banana pudding I like the real thing, but the chocolate pie tastes like my Auntie's and that is a compliment.

Comment by Ron Saxton on June 18, 2012 at 10:35am

i forgot to tell you guys that also the price was a little more than GC.  i believe it would hve been 26 bucks average for 2 people .  it was 13  and change with the coupn for 2 people. 

Comment by Ron Saxton on June 16, 2012 at 12:43pm


First let me say this, the Ryan’s in Griffin Ga was nothing like the Ryan’s in Riverdale!! The Ryan’s in Riverdale Ga lost hands down to Jonesboro Golden Coral. The decor, the employees the food... when you have a buffet you must have plenty of customers coming and growing to keep the food coming out of the kitchen hot and fresh.
And the Ryan’s in Griffin has that going on to. This is the size of my Jonesboro Ga location. It was well lit to my surprise ( unlike the old Riverdale Ryan’s). The buffet, desert, and grill setup for this Ryan’s was the same as the Riverdale location, small buffet and items compared to Golden Corral my Jonesboro and McDonough locations. Item selection seem i bit smaller than my GC locations.
The Staff was friendly so GC and Ryan’s tie neck and neck there. The coupon i had caused a stall at the register so the manager had to come over and work it out nicely. The cup for my drink was smaller than GC and the drink choice had to be brought by the waitress to the table. the decor was really nice compared to my local GC- Jonesboro and McDonough. here is why . .. Ryan’s in griffin had tables and booths. Which i bit more to the customer visible appetite. GC is mainly chairs and tables BUT the GC chairs have cushions. . Ryan’s booths didnt. But it wasn’t a problem.
The buffet was it normal small Ryan’s buffet setup with less items that GC. BUT they had a coupe things GC doesn’t have right now. The had a bbq pork steak, slow an tender cooked. it was good!! not like usual buffet good, The fried chicken was a match to GC. The Green beans were REAL non-canned fresh green beans!! long green beans!! YES!! the fried fish was amazing!! It was a variety of fried fish, THEY HAD WHOLE CATFISH FRIED ( NO HEAD ) AND LIKE A PERCH TYPE FISH. At least it tasted perchy . The baked Chicken was awesome and the broccoli was average. Black-eyed peas were good, the salad looked fresh . . dirty rice was okay, baked fish was okay. But here in this area of the battle i would have to give it to GC still because of there selection of items and Ryan’s only outshined them on only a couple items that GC doesn’t have. GC has the selection and more items and the flavor of most of the food is good still. The cups seem to be bigger at GC but the Ryan waitress at Griffin brought bed to the table!!! and the Bread was good. But still, GC has the selection and the flavor. Ryan's does not have steak grilled to order, they did have roast beef which was cooked rare that the other customers seem to like. i dont eat any rare meat at all. and the had ham sliced to order.
Now its time for desert . . . Ryan’s comes out with SWEET POTATOE PIE!!! i got 2 slices! devil chocolate double layer cake!! a yellow cake with a swirled caramel design on top!! cookies !! carrot cake!! and banana pudding. they also had some small squares of cheesecake. THE CHOCOLATE CAKE WAS BETTER THAN GC. the sweet potato pie was average ( not better than GC seasonal pumpkin pie but i give Ryan kudos for having it on tap anyway) the banana pudding by Ryan’s is edged out over GC banana pudding ( EVEN THOUGH JONESBORO PUT WAY TO MUCH WHIP CREAM ON THEIR AND MCDONOUGH HAS THIER BANANA PUDDING JUST RIGHT WITH THE RIGHT AMOUNT OF WHIP CREAM--HIN HINT).
MY MAIN GRIPE IS THIS. . . RYANS IS TO FAR AWAY FROM ME. I would rather go to McDonough location GC if i wasn’t going to my Jonesboro location then like 6 minutes away from me. Ryan's is now 30 minutes away from me. And they just dont have enough on the buffet to have me come that far.



i DONT THINK THERE WILL BE A ROUND 2 - BREAKFAST.  The guys had a drop in thier tone when i asked them to try Ryans for our next breakfast.   they love GC.  No rematch here Ryan, s  sorry.




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