The matchups become fiercer and fiercer in the quarterfinals of World Cup

The matchups become fiercer and fiercer in the quarterfinals of World Cup. Among the top three best players, Ronaldo and Neymar with different reasons left the field, but Messi is clenching his fists against Belgium. Take cheap FUT coins to experience the thrilling match in-game.
On Friday, Brazil squared off against Colombia in the quarterfinals of Word Cup. The winner would get the ticket to the semifinals. Neymar, as the face of the World Cup in Brazil, was drew all attention. In the past matches in this World Cup, he led Brazilian Team to the top of Group A standing, a team's first goal in the tournament and three shoots finding the back of the FIFA Coins Store
Brazil defeated Colombia with 2 – 1, but at the end of this match, Neymar was taken off the field because of a vertebra fraction. Brazilian team's doctor announced that Neymar could not join in any match within four months. He will miss the rest of the 2014 World Cup. This issue arouses fans' concern.Cheap FIFA 15 Coins
After Neymar's leaving, Messi posted to pray for Neymar and wished he would recover in no time. Besides, he also claimed that, although this match against Belgium would be tough, they have been ready for it. Moreover, he attached to a picture they were training.
If we were to chose a game to occupy first place on the football's videogame hall of fame we would have no choice but to pick the FIFA series.One of Electronic Arts masterpieces, under the label of EA Sports, this simulator makes millions all over the world embody their iconic star players, ranging from the thunderous Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo to the South American tango flavour of Lionel Messi.
But it isn't just about the virtual star players and how they closely relate to their human counterparts that has put FIFA one step ahead of its strongest competitor: Pro Evolution Soccer. PES, from the Japanese gaming company Konami, did seriously threat the American game monopoly. It was only until EA totally rebuilt their blockbuster game engine that FIFA retained its top spot has the world's best football simulator.
On December 2009, EA Sports announced that the Ultimate Team game mode expansion that had been introduced in FIFA 09 would be released in February 2010 for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game.
The Ultimate Team mode offers fans a strategic way of playing the game, buying players and staff from 27 world leagues and putting them up for the test against other players from all over the globe.Cheap FIFA 16 Coins For Sale within 5 - 10 Mins |
Now, not just a game of skill but also a chess-like management mode, buying and selling your assets to earn the coins needed to book your star player or using them to hire top staff who will keep your valuable footballers away from injuries. Coins are the deal now. With them you can unite the strengths of a Dream Team and make your way to the top.

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