‘WAKA WAKA' : This time it's Shakira

At the time wow goldI was writing this article on Wednesday 14th July at 5.15 AM , 95,143,192 viewers had watched Shakira's Waka Waka, the official theme song for the FIFA this year. It has easily become the biggest Youtube hit ever and the number of viewers is growing in millions even after Spain became the world champions.
One can say Football is the most popular sport in the world and it's obvious that everyone sings along with the official song, especially when other alternatives are not provided. But for 'Waka Waka' to receive this much of attention there must be something really attractive in the song.
The visuals were developed by Ogilvy and Mather Executive Creative Director Antonio Navas in collaboration with the singer.
Shakira's thoughts on the success of 'Waka Waka' are important for us to know.
She said, "fifa 15 coinsIt has been a pleasure to collaborate with
( 1 ) a creative mind like Antonios, he truly ( 2 ) understands the world's cultures and with just an image or a word is capable of capturing a universal truth. While conceptualizing the 'Waka Waka' video we ( 3 ) understood each other perfectly, he is a great person because he ( 4 ) immerses himself completely in the project, and has a great sensibility. I will always be grateful for his help on this project."
If you need to succeed not only in marketing a music video but also marketing your brand or creating an attractive advertisement , The Mantra is in her explanation. fifa 15 ps4 coinsShakira simply explains the ingredients you need to make a successful brand communication.
First, you need a creative mind. Only a creative mind can deliver something different and innovative. We may be exposed to thousands of songs and advertisements but how many go into our mind and are deposited there. Only an offering which is different from others can win a mind space and remain there. 'Waka Waka' has that flavour.
Shakira said the creator truly understands the world's cultures. Assume you are developing an advertisement; it is important to capture cultural values and norms of your target audience. We learned that the advertisements based on human insights are much closer to the heart and soul of the potential customers.guild wars 2 gold 'Waka Waka' became so close to people as throughout the world people felt they were a part of it. Once you have that feeling , you start loving it.
She further said, "While conceptualizing the 'Waka Waka' video we understood each other perfectly. One of most important factors for the success of a collective effort is respecting each other's views. Sometimes you may not agree fully with an idea put forward by the other person involved in the process. But handling such situations without hurting anyone's feelings is difficult but critical."

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