Randall Jacobsen explains the unique roll he plays in Muncie, IN

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Comment by Randall L. Jacobsen Sr. on January 13, 2014 at 7:32pm

Since this video was shot by a BSU Student, for a video journalism project; we sold off the Army Navy Surplus to another Veteran, however kept our Design and Sewing Shop available on an appointment or as available basis.

The wife and I are now retired,  and decided to keep our Sewing shop to make our fixed income from Social Security and Veteran Administration Service Connected Disability benefit stretch some further, and continues to help keep the Gospel free of charge, so that we don't need to ask for or take tithes or offerings, to support our M.O.R.E. Ministries Community Outreach when called upon.

We get many clients in from near and far, and we continue to do most of our sewing projects while a client watches or has Breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and comes back and picks up their project.  

And often, some of those who come to us want to discuss biblical issues, have bible study, or need to discuss personal or relationship problems, and how spiritual matters relate.

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